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Deco Tape ColorsGaffer Tape Colors

All sales final on DIY hoop kits & ready-made hoops. 


$ 24.95

STEP 1: Select Tubing

All hoops are black PE tubing.
1/2 ID x 3/4 OD = skinny, like toy store hula hoops
3/4 ID x 1 OD 100 PSI = light weight
3/4 ID x 1 OD 160 PSI = heavy weight, not for children

STEP 2: Select Uncrafted Hoop Size

Comes with one barbed insert and instructions. Once this method is used, the hoop is not easily opened.
The larger the hoop, the slower the rotation, the easier it can be to keep up. Select a hoop that would be an inch or two above your belly button if you are a beginner. The average adult would use a 42" hoop. A kids toy store hoop is about 36". A larger adult may prefer a 45"/47" hoop. It is not preferred to make the 1/2 tubing in hoops larger than 42". Call us if you have questions about which hoop size is best for you!

STEP 3: Select Decorative Tape Color (1" x 25 FT)

You select the color, we select the finish!

STEP 4: Select 1-INCH Gaffer Tape (10 YDS/30 FT)