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Ribbon by-the-Yard

Ribbons By-the-Yard

Ribbons By-the-Yard

Ribbons By-the-YardZebra (1.25 in)Flames: Blue & Yellow (7/8 in)1.5 INCH White with Dot1.5 INCH Houndstooth - Red w/Dot - Minnie - Stripe 7/8 Skull & CrossbonesPink Dot - Swirl - Mod - CheetahChoc Stripe - Retro Flower



Add some sass to your hoop with our high quality ribbon! We recommend approximately 10 yards for the average size 42" hoop when alternated with a one-inch tape. You may need a bit more for larger hoops- a bit less for smaller hoops.


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Coming Soon - How to Make a Sassy Hoop!

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Ribbon By-the-Yard

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