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Measuring Tape

Save a trip to the store- add your measuring tape to your order now!

120 inches. Flexible.


HoopSupplies says... Need to figure out how much tubing to measure for your hoop? Decide what you want the hoop diameter to be and then multiply that by 3.14. Remember, measure your tubing on the outside and double check it! 

IE: 36" Hoop = 36 x 3.14 = 113.04" of tubing!

Or if you have a piece of tubing and you want to know what size hoop it would make before you put it together- measure the length of tubing and divide by 3.14.

IE: 115" of tubing = 115 / 3.14 = 36.62" hoop!

Go here and use the online circumference/diameter calculator

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