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Super thin, 1/2 INCH Outer Diameter. Flexible with a crystal-clear shine. Sleek, slender... bright and eye catching!

NOW COMES WITH: Aluminum connection piece and two pop-rivets or screws (per 10 FT).  

You will have to drill the hole to match your corresponding connection choice.  

POP-RIVETS will need a drill, a riveter and a 1/8 drill and a 1/4 drill if you want to make the rivets flush.  

SCREWS will need a drill, 1/8 drill for the hole, a 7/32 to make the screw top flush, a hex wrench, and a threader.

NOTE: [Large coil tubing 24 ID x 29 OD]

WARNING: This tubing is super flexible and can be unruly- please use caution when working with it - and a 2nd pair of hands can be super helpful!

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